Invictus – Burst the Curse

It’s hard to major the legacy of a great band. Some bands just don’t get all the respect they deserve from the media, but the audience does it. As time goes by, more bands honor them in tribute albums or writing songs inspired on them. That’s what happened to the Helloween, a band that year after year receive all the honor they deserve in the form of bands that were inspired by them. As we all know, Helloween were one of the most influencial bands of the 1980s in terms of Speed and Power Metal. To be real honest, Helloween shaped what was known as Speed Metal to what is known today as Power Metal. Nothing less. If you are a Power Metal fan, please give them your hail.

All that put because Invictus with “Burst the Curse” drink profusely on Helloween Power Metal waters. They kept the legacy intact. The things is, there us a big difference between a tribute band and a band that was influenced. Invictus are the second case. It’s notable Helloween influences. But it’s only that. Invictus have their own personality. Was it shaped by Helloween? Yes, of course it was, but that’s all. “Burst the Curse” is an EP with three tracks and that’s also all. It’s such a pity because Invictus deserve a full-length. However, they are a great appetizer. A great invitation card to a band that promises.

Title track “Burst the Curse” gives a hell of a welcoming to the album with an uptempo 1980s Power Metal and a that catchy chorus. The greatest thing is the break in the middle of it that works as a bridge to an insane guitar solo. I love that thing. Great piece honoring the greatest timeof Metal. Second track “Gaia” is a balad that starts up with a sweet and delicate fingered intro which leads the way to a very good voice. Priceless ooportunity to show all the resources vocalist Nicolas Peter has. Last, but not least, “Someone Out There” is a very well-balenced track with great riffing and energy.

InvictusBurst the Curse” was released on March 15th.

Track Listing:

  1. Burst the Curse
  2. Gaia
  3. Someone Out There

Watch “Someone Out There” official video here: