Iron Lamb – Blue Haze

This summer has been the one for old school heavy metal releases. We’ve been reviewing lots of classic material as you have noticed. It’s funny how music comes and goes. Winter was the time for extreme metal bands. Well, no problem to me at all. I love both. The thing is that the dudes are getting deeper in to this thing of recovering old sororities. A lot of old sonances are back like heavy rock, some proto-metal as well. Therefore the scene gets strong, this diversity is great for Metal, though many would like to kill it. As a matter of fact many have killed Heavy Metal throughout its fifty years. But the beast refuses to die.

All this diversity allows bands like Iron Lamb to flourish. The best definition I can get to Iron Lamb is of a more melodic Motörhead with lots of references from the 1970s music. It’s Motörhead classic line-up with an even more melodic guitar and some keyboards and effects. In a closer, and colder view, it’s kind of impossible to get to a better result, but Iron Lamb is great. Johan Wallin and Jens Bäckelin insights captures all the melodic feeling the song needs. They contrast with harsh and low-tuned voice of vocalist D Bragman. Remember I always say Metal is the music of contrasts. The outcome is heavy influenced 1970s music with some generous dashes of NWOBHM, or a a more melodic Motörhead as well. “The Hunt” is the track that goes very near the classical Motörhead sonance. The wah effect on guitars makes us remind that sonance. “Erase Rewind” is even closer. Pay attention to bass lines.

Laymen will never understand that what make other genres weaker, is what makes Metal stronger. Metal is a historical movement, I mean, you are taught to love Metal. You may even begin with new stuff, but the classics are always around. Kids do listen to classical Metal. And they love it as well as new stuff. Just a different dynamic. Poppers will never get that. Sorry, guys. You’ll never get us. as long as bands like Iron Lamb get into light, Metal will go on stronger than ever. Tracks like “The Iron and the Lamb” prove me right. Guitar lines are simply fantastic. The perfect match of melody and aggression. Pure Heavy Metal to the bones. The sound of the keyboards in “Dead Beat” is amazing. Iron Lamb really know how to party, guys. True.

Iron Lamb “Blue Haze” will be released on October 26th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Apocalypse Express
  2. Bound by Gravity
  3. Into the Night
  4. The Hunt
  5. Erase Rewind
  6. (Fallin’ Like) Dominoes
  7. The Iron and the Lamb
  8. Dead Beat

Watch “Into the Night” official video here: