Is This World Going Insane Or What: Village People Fans Do The Mosh In A Show

Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what you’ve just read. No, no, I’m not the one who’s going insane – well, sort of…

As reported by Metal Sucks, somebody posted a video a video on YouTube, taken during The Village People’s – sorry for that – recent performance over at Riot Fest in Chicago, with the concert-goers doing a wall of death during the group’s famous tune “YMCA.” You can check out the footage below, with the wall of death culminating right as the chorus starts at about 00:56.

As we all know wall of death, mosh-pit, or just mosh is the genuine way of Extreme music fans to express their frustration and even contentement during a show of their fsvorite bands. It’s not certain but this use started during some punk rock bands in the late 1970s and spread all over extreme music bands. But I swear I’ve never though that Village People – sorry again! – would do it. This crazy world we live in.