Johann Faustus – Stroll

We, finally, have come to the era of the so-called one-man projects. Praising them, or not praising them, new digital technologies provided that for us. It is much more simple to record things nowadays. A good computer, a musical program, and some instruments, or a great keyboard. What was to a very few years ago, is at hand to many. I’m not here to discuss if it’s a good or bad thing. It’s not the gun that kills, it’s the hand that pulls the trigger. Things are not evil, humankind, though, is. Ok, that’s enough of this discussion.

I’ve told before that I am not really a doom metal person. However, when I started writing here I proposed to myself that I would review all kinds of metal stuff that I had in my hands. And here I am. At first, the impression I got from Johann Faustus’s press kit was the most impressive one. Neat, well done, precise. Well then, let’s give it a try. Johann Faustus’s performance in “Stroll” is outstanding, I must say. But it is kind of deceptive, because one would expect a more technical act. It’s not. As a matter of fact, it is, in terms of musicality, very simple. But not disappoint, though. “Stroll” goes far from disappointing you. Songs are very well built, Johann Faustus’s mastermind is aware of his musical limits. So, he doesn’t try to do what he knows he can’t. Instead, he chooses more melodic, and simple, structures.

There are four tracks in “Stroll” and all of them with more than ten minutes. To my understanding, the most impresive one is the title track. And I’ll tell you why. This track shows a lot of dissonances which takes it musically to a whole complex level. Yeah, I know I told Johann Faustus’s music was simple. That’s not really the point. Even the simple can be complex. But the attention goes all to Noelle Behr vocals and to “Stroll’s” melodic structure. Noelle Behr passes through the song linearly. She doesn’t rises her tone, or lowers it. There are only some modulations. Her voice seems to be out of tune, but it is not. It’s only dissonant. And that’s the beauty of it. Guitar interventions are simple, but melodic. I’d rather say naive. “Stroll” reminds a lot some religious chants.

Johann Faustus “Stroll” goes far from doom metal pack, I’m sure of it. It was released on March 24th via Route 17 Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Shards
  2. Stroll
  3. Muggy
  4. Seafoam