Junkpile Jimmy – Wants You Dead

If you are the ones who think a band can’t merge into their music influences like psychedelic rock, modern Metal, experimental music, and Jimmy Hendrix, here I present you Junkpile Jimmy with “Wants You Dead” an amazing weird and uncanny album that proves you wrong. “Wants You Dead” also proves that it’s possible to merge old influences with new ones and bring out something very exciting. Ah, add some Red Hot Chilly Peppers to the mix and you’ll have it.

“Wants You Dead” is an album that is Forrest Gump’s chocolate box “you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.” Each track is a musical surprise. Listen to “Ancient Crone” and tell me if I’m right or not. Something like some guys playing free jazz jamming around. “Descent to the Depths” is pure Jimmy Hendrix psychelidec era with a Death Metal grip and some incendiary guitars full of fuzz. Pay attention to the zeppelinish end of it. Pure “Moby Dick” style. A very pleasant surprise. On second thought, “Dragon’s Breath” is the most Jimmy Hendrix song of all. Its fuzzy shoegazed guitars could be in any of his albums. And what to say about the sabbatish “The End of the Empire”?

It’s been really a while I don’t hear something so tasty. Junkpile Jimmy are a band that have no fear of trying something new, even though this new is old. But, I must say, that the outcome is very modern and refreshing. What Junkpile Jimmy do is to add some more lysergic elements to a music that is already lysergic. A kind of acid rock that is boosted by some modern elements, in this case vocals do the trick. It’s like the merge of Coven with Motörhead. Do you get what I mean?

Junkpile Jimmy “Wants You Dead” was self-released.

Track Listing:

  1. Existential Dread
  2. Shed Blood Total War
  3. Priest of Set
  4. Moldering Hatred
  5. Ancient Crone
  6. Descent to the Depths
  7. Dragon’s Breath
  8. The End of the Empire
  9. Gibbous
  10. Glory in Gloom