Kaledon – Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness)

One thing is sure in life: you get old, you get cranky! I was for no reason crancky with power metal bands, and then comes Kaledon’s “Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness)” to review. I thought: Oh my, oh my! Can I pass it on? Nah, I told myself. Let’s do it. Then I heard it for the first time. Not good yet, but thought the openinng track, “The Beginning Of The Night”, was nice. So I gave Kaledon some more time. Some bands are like good wines, you have to give them some time to feel good. All of a sudden I was humming and singing along “The Two Bailouts” which chorus is just remarkable. It’s really been some good time that I don’t sing along.

What else to say about Kaledon’s “Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness)”?

I’ve gotta much! First things first. The opening track, as I told before is very good. Kaledon’s catch is that they are not so close to power metal rules, I mean, Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness) tracks are a myriad of Metal styles. Kaledon are not only the two speed bass drumming so characteristical of power metal bands. They’re much more. Sometimes they’re very much melodic as in “Trapped On The Throne”. Other times they’re as brutal as a death metal band. “The End Of The Undead” shows us a very resourcefull bass player who begins the song with a remarkable fingered part to fall into a nice and furious guitar riff to end in a very nice twin guitar motif.

Kaledon’s “Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness)” is a ficticius story about Carnagus’ kingdom, and that’s what guarantees the myriad of songs. That’s why when you must tell a story you gotta give a thought about the storytelling. You gotta fit the songs to the story.

Watch a chapter of Kaledon’s “Carnagus (Emperor Of The Darkness)” here: