Konquest – Time and Tyranny Review

Some albums are really a travel through time. Music has this powerful and unique way of making people traveling in time. Better yet, music has this powerful and unique way of making us feel. Feel what? Ah, many and unbelievable things. For instance, when I listen to a band as Konquest and their album “Time and Tiranny” I remember. The album works as a trigger to my affective memory. Only great albums do that to oneself. It’s hadr to tell how many albums and bands went thrpugh my ind while listening to “Time and Tiranny” for so many times. Iron Maiden, of course, were one of the first. However, least known bands as Tokyo Blade, Tysondog, or even Damien Thorne. I wan to tell you something very important my dear fan; the influences make a band, they tell what a band is made of – well, literally.

The term Classic Metal does good to Konquest “Time and Tiranny,” if you know what I’m saying. The 1980’s sonancy is pretty well represented here with that up gutter grip filled with lots of melody. It’s this contrast that will take my dear fan by s/he inners. “Relativity” is a great intro and bridge to album tittle “Time and Tiranny” with its classical music approach. The experience of traveling in time got real here from here with this track. It was a classic to start an album with a softer tune to then make all hell breaks loose. As usual “Time and Tiranny” sums up everything the band is all about. A great follow up of what Konquest has to deliver the fan. And that is an album full of melodic twin guitars with some sharp and insane interventions, that clean singing that made Metal vocalists a pride to Metal music.

“Time and Tiranny” shows that Konquest learned pretty well from the masters. But it’s not only one more reverence to the all time classics of Metal music, it’s much more. The band has built here its own personality based on what they listened through the years. It’s not a monolithic album where all the tracks sound the same. It’s a dare to all senses. Remember, this album will get you from the inners.

“Time and Tiranny” Konquest was released on October 14th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Relativity
  2. Time and Tyranny
  3. Something in the Dark
  4. The Light That Fades Again
  5. A Place I Call Home
  6. The Traveller
  7. Enter the Warrior
  8. Warrior from a Future World

Watch “Time and Tiranny” official live video here: