Krilloan – Stories of Times Forgotten Review

Wanna be introduced to a band that plays the Power Metal as it should be perfomed? A band that could be taken as an example of the genre? Here I present you Krilloan with “Stories of Times Forgotten” their debut EP.

The album kicks off with the nice and exciting  “Into the Storm” which tell us where Krilloan got their influences. Not difficult ot notice that the band was inspired by the greats of the genre as Rhapsody – later Rhapsody of Fire – and Helloween, Blind Guardian and Viper. The frantic drumming and guitar riffing contrast with the melodic vocal and guitar phrases and solos. That’s what makes the song very interesting. Krilloan really know how to add lots of emotion and feeling to their songs with the strong basis created by the rhythm section. By the way, what a strength drummer David Lanas must have to this relentless and non-stop drum spanking which by the way go thru all the album. Followng track “Yggdrasil” gives no rest for the nwicked and the beating hard goes on and on. This time the instrumental distraught contrasts even more with the vocals that are more cadenced and slow giving the song a kind of despair not easily found in this genre.

In an EP the band has to be very carefull while choosing the songs that will be part of it. Or not. Sometimes the EP is easily filled with the songs the band has in hand. And that’s not really difficult to happen, my child of the night. Recording an album is such a magic moment to a band that, for instance, Black Sabbath gave up all the rights of their four albums just in the excitment of recording their first and epical release. Of course, things have changed and today it’s easier to record, however bands feel the same. It’s an oportunity that can’t be lost. When the fan listen to “Moonblade” it’s easy to realise all the excitement and joy Krilloan feel and passes to eternity.

I know I said many times that to me Power Metal is predicatable, but I’m always open to redeem myself when I find a band as Krilloan. Though they are, as I said, a role model to the genre their excitement and passion got me by the guts. I dare any metaller not to bang while listening to “Stories of Times Forgotten.”

Krilloan “Stories of Times Forgotten” was released on May 21st via Stormspell Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Into the Storm
  2. Yggdrasil
  3. Fireborn
  4. Moonblade
  5. Times Forgotten

Watch “Fireborn” official lyric video here: