LAMB OF GOD Frontman RANDY BLYTHE Burns Penis, Expects Full Recovery


Randy Blythe posted the following message on his Instagram earlier today:

“I never thought I would ever be writing something like this, but here is an update on the condition of my penis: HE IS 100% RECOVERED AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL, COMPLETELY CAPABLE OF PERFORMING ANY OF HIS NORMAL DUTIES. No scarring, so scabbing, no PTSD. He’s good to go.

“I suppose it took a while (like a week) for the metal ‘news’ sites to pick up this obviously very important story in the world of heavy metal, but they did (I guess they will run anything, or it must be a slow week — I wrote that story here just to give y’all a few laughs — damn, all I did was dump hot coffee on my unit — I’m sure it happens to someone every day). Now I am getting texts from my friends saying things like, ‘Ouch! Are you OK?’ or ‘I’m really, really, sorry about The Captain, dude.’

“While the sudden outpouring of concern for the welfare of my penis is heartwarming indeed (it brings a tear to my eye, it really does), it’s not like someone tried to chop him off or he suddenly developed the ability to do calculus or something — now THAT would have been worthy of the news.

“Anyways, with penises, just as with all things in life, that which does not kill us only makes us stronger.

This video is from just two days ago, well after the scalding incident in question — I ask you, my friends — is this the wipe out of a man not in full command of his penis? Would a man suffering the agony of penile distress have the presence of mind to wave goodbye to the camera so gracefully? NO, HE WOULD NOT.

“My dude was a little sore for two days — that’s it.

“OK, that’s enough about my penis — I shall never mention him here again.

“P.S.: I am VERY careful with coffee in the car now, always using the cup holder.”

The original article follows below.

At the end of last week, vocalist Randy Blythe of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD posted the following message on his Instagram:


“There are moments of extreme physical pain in some of our lives that we will never, ever, forget. Tonight I had one of those moments.

“The sun was setting and it was beautiful evening as I road along the coast to the grocery store, still in my surf trunks and sipping on a fresh mug of boiling hot black coffee. I was listening to some mellow piano music and making a right turn when I made the tragic mistake placing the mug between my barely covered legs. As I turned my truck, happily humming along to the mellow piano music on my stereo, suddenly there was a searing white hot explosion of agony in my crotch. The lid of my mug had come loose, and liquid caffeinated FIRE had covered my, well… it had covered my penis. I briefly lost control of my truck, swerving into the lane of oncoming traffic, barely missing another truck, before quickly pulling into a nearby parking lot to try and make some sense of this atrocity I had committed against myself. I felt like I was going to throw up for a good minute or two, then I regained control and started returning home to do what I knew what I had to do. I had to put him on ice.

“I do not normally talk to my penis, he does not have a nickname or anything like that, but if there ever was a time for encouraging words to my lifelong companion, it was now. The words I said out loud to him as I painfully drove us slowly home went along these lines: OH, GOD, DUDE. OH MY GOD, THAT HURT LIKE HOLY F—. HANG IN THERE, DUDE. OH GOD, HANG IN THERE. WE’RE GONNA MAKE IT. DON’T GIVE UP HOPE. OH MY GOD, DUDE. OH GOD, HANG IN THERE, BRO. I must have looked like a crazy man.

“When I hit home, he went in a glass of ice water for a bit.

“He will recover, I have faith.

“Go ahead and laugh — everyone else I’ve told did, including my wife.

“This day is now a wash. Good night.”


Source: Blabbermouth