Leathürbitch – Into the Night

Metal moviment has changed a lot in those almost fifty years – more or less dependending on what version of Metal history you believe. It has turned into a very diverse genre and sudivided into many and uncountable subgenres, but one important thing remains – there are still bands that play the good old 1980s style. So, it means that there are still lots of fans for it. It seems that time has somehow stopped somewhere in the 1980s and Metal bands are still playing whatever they used to play. Leathürbitch with “Into the Night” owns nothing to all the good bands from the past. It really sounds as if they were the real deal. Hey, they are the real deal!

The thing I liked most about “Into the Night” was the guitar licks and riffs which some of them are really jawbreaking and headbanging. Looking back, Leathürbitch were very influenced by one of the most unsung bands from the eighties, Savage Grace. If you pay close attention to the guitar licks on the back of the main riffing of “L.U.S.T” you will notice what I mean. Guitar duo Patrick Sandiford and Sebastina Silva are sharp and ready to kill with their axes. Amazing work they do here. Pay attention to how they divide the guitar solos in the middle of “I Want What You Got” giving the idea a continuous role playing. From where I’m standing Leathürbitch wrote the guitar riffs I would love to have written like the main riff of “Killing the Silence” and its amazing uptempo cadence that makes you bang your head at large. Of course, there are also the ones that are not that inspired, for instance the one of “I’m insane” which sounds too much standard. And the last, but not the least, “Killer Instinct” starts with an amazing acoustic guitar intro to burst into an open and frank headbanging anthemic tune. Again the guitar duo steals away the show.

“Into the Night” is not only for you who loyal to the good old times of Heavy Metal. It’s much more. It’s a living proof that Metal will live forever by the hands of such diehard musicians that do it for love and passion.

Leathürbitch “Into the Night” was released on May 31sy via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Into the Night
  2. L.U.S.T.
  3. I Want What You Got
  4. Sleaze City
  5. Killing the Silence
  6. I’m Insane
  7. The Search
  8. Killer Instinct

Watch “I Want What You Got” official video here: