Legacy Of Emptiness – Over The Past

Only by the art cover one can understand what ‘Over the Past’ is all about. It’s gloomy and dark bringing back some day in the past, a description of the years Norway were ruled by foreign kings. That’s Legacy Of Emptiness! A band that mix an odd past, with a dark present to the unknown and uncertain future. It’s an inviting piece of a disturbing and melodic music that Legacy Of Emptiness shows us. “Despair” is a track that shows it very well. A piece of modern metal, in the good sense, with some ancient instruments. “Angelmaker” reminds me a lot the 1990 pioneers which created this disturbing, but amazing kind of metal music. But the one which drove all my attention was “Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness”, a track that can easily make you go trip for a while. It begins hard, fast and BM as it can be to soon slow down a little and whimsically open the gates to the obscure arts of using all that erudite instrumental that makes the song even more complex. And then we go to “Drawn By Nightmare” that uses and abuses of this same formula. But a bit slower. The highlight are the rich choirs. All that with touches of a sick and disturbed voice as “There Was a Man” and “Four Hundred Years” glimpses us. Last but not least, and the most disturbing song comes ‘Evening Star’ if you listen to the song and think about its name compared to the music you listen. So that was Legacy Of Emptiness’s ‘Over the Past’, a journey to the unknown, to the dark and gloomy views of the past made through epical songs that invite you to trip and have bad dreams…

Track Listing:

  1. Reminisce
  2. Despair
  3. Angelmaker
  4. Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness
  5. Drawn By Nightmares
  6. There Was a Man
  7. Four Hundred Years
  8. Transition
  9. Evening Star

Here you can hear to the track “Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness” below: