Listen to DREAM THEATER’s METALLICA-Esque New Song: ‘Fall Into Light’

Dream Theater

Guitarist John Petrucci told Rolling Stone about the new song which is the second single off their upcoming 14th studio album “Distance over Time,” due out on February 22nd via InsideOut Music.

“‘Fall into the Light’ is an example of a very guitar-riff-driven song on the album. And there’s a few of them. This one, actually – three components.

“One is that opening riff, which I came up with backstage when I was on the ‘G3’ tour. I had my signature Mesa Boogie [the JP-2C] with me, I dialed in a really heavy sound and that riff came out. I took out my iPhone and I recorded it and labeled it, like, ‘Cool Riff in E.’ [Laughs]

“And that sparked the Metallica-esque style of the song.

“Then there’s some faster passages that are very riff-y and right-hand-heavy, and the third component is the mellow section in the middle, which gets sort of orchestral and very melodic. That was something that I had written in my basement on an acoustic guitar. I think I called it ‘Cowboy Section’ because it has a Western-y vibe.

“So ‘Fall into the Light’ was a case where I brought these parts into the studio and then we put it together as a band. And it’s a really fun song to play, especially for me, because it’s very riff-driven metal.”

Listen to “Fall into the Light” here: