Living Gate – Deathlust

In the mood for some insane and sick Death Metal instrumentals? If you are, here I present you Living Gate with the EP “Deathlust” with five killing machines that will put the fan down in a snapshot. If I would take a gun to represent the music Living Gate do, I’d take those machine guns that it’s possible to take a snapshot once a while. So sorry for not being able to say an accurate name of the gun, but the in fact, I’m not fond of guns. The only thing I want with death is listening, and review Death Metal. Aside from that, it’s a fair comparison, isn’t it? In raw comparison this is  “Deathlust” at its best. It seems that the band chooses at will if they’re gonna take a round or it will be just one precise shot.

Sometimes I like to mention if the name of the album got to do with the music in it. I must say that “Deathlust” fits perfectly to it. There will be blood dripping all over your floor while listening to it for a few minutes. To say that Living Gate are a killing machine is not enough for the bloodbath they perform here. The album begins with an insane opening track “The Delusion of Consciousness” whose mesmerizing main riff and speed-of-the-light drumming catch the fan at first. The looney vocals are the cherry of the cake. But, wow, guitars are really fantastic here. Following track “Roped” cools down for a while with a more moody cadence and riffing, but the death growls grow insanely. But it’s the calm before the storm. Soon the track turns into a killing field. Another insane guitar playing. And there goes the album with tracks in an average of three minutes. Nothing more. This album should have a note like this “Death Metal kills.” Don’t you agree?

Living Gate “Deathlust” was released on June 12th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Delusion of Consciousness
  2. Roped
  3. Deathlust
  4. Heaven Ablaze
  5. Living Gate

Watch “The Delusion of Consciousness” official audio video here: