Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones

Aesthetically speaking Heavy Metal is all about shocking. Not only for the image, the long hair, which is still shocking I don’t know why, the black coverings, and spikes, and all. Heavy Metal music is yet shocking, and bands are always trying to find ways to all forms of sonic assault. Loathfinder is a band that shock. Even me, who’s been around Metal music for a long time, got astonished with “The Great Tired Ones”. What Loathfinder do is no news. It’s how they do it. Their songwriting is dark, gloomy, and frightening. What frightens is the pure evil that you feel running from the speakers. Loathfinder were really able to find a way to show all the evil possible in form of music. But it’s not a supernatural evil, it’s an earthly one. The evil “The Great Tired Ones” shows is from this world. And knowing that frightens a lot more.

“The Great Tired Ones” is an EP with only four tracks, but they’re all long, which makes them even furious. The tittle track is a punch right in the face of social hypocrisy. Pure hatred. Loathfinder is a band that despise. The vocal roaring is pure hatred. Simple as that as “The Great Tired Ones” shows us. All four tracks use and abuse of effects. They are the way Loathfinder got to get creepier. So does the guitar, it works much more to create sound effects. That’s why there are no guitar solos properly said. There’s no way to deny that “The Great Tired Ones” is a good piece. But get ready for the dense emotions “The Great Tired Ones” brings up to you. They’re not for any mortal.

Track Listing:

  1. Genetic Gloom
  2. Feats On My Entrails
  3. Scents Of Regression
  4. The Great Tired Ones

You can lite to “Genetic Gloom” here: