Lord Fist – Wilderness of Hearts Review

Ah, the fresh sound of true Metal music. An album that brings that feeling of low-fi production that really comes from the heart. Lord Fist “Wilderness of Hearts” has this feeling of something that was done with the heart and the soul with few recording and production resources. we metalheads have this paradox of liking very well-played music with great musicians and not so polished and raw bands. It’s something to be explained and I don’t really know how to do it.

Well, to be really true and honest, Lord Fist “Wilderness of Hearts” sounds raw and unpolished in a quick and fast view. The music in it it’s not really unpolished, it’s a bit simple, if you understand me. The band really tries its best in polishing their music the best they can. “Arkona Cross II” has lots of passages that indicate a band that is really trying and getting. Their solutions are simple, but effective and sound pretty damn well. There are lots of guitar licks and twin guitar in the very best NWOBHM way. I have to say that the band really got the spirit of early NWOBHM bands which weren’t that remarkable at their instruments, but worked together pretty well. “Flying over Tripinith” tells a lot about Lord Fist. The track is strong and striking with great guitar riffs and with some instrumental passages that make us forget everything I said. A great drumming, by the way. Following track “Sisters” also has some very interesting solutions and the trademark of Lord Fist that are the guitar licks. I must say the choices the band in “Tigers of Snow” are pretty impressive. A catchy song with amazing riffs. The fan feels the energy coming out from the amplifiers even though miles away.

I feel the impression of raw and unpolished comes from vocalist Perttu Koivunen whose voice sometimes seems to be a little off. But it’s not that off and I guess it happens because he wants to give his best though sometimes doesn’t really how to. It happens even with the best. “Wilderness of Hearts” is an album that does justice to its title. It’s wild and untamed with a touch of raw. The kind of album that all metallers everywhere on this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet will adore.

Lord Fist “Wilderness of Hearts” was released on November 20th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. First Morning – Collapse
  2. Arkona Cross II
  3. Wings Drawn in Our Minds
  4. Flying Over Tiprinith
  5. Moonhalo (Instrumental)
  6. Sisters
  7. Princess of the Red Flame
  8. Aurorae
  9. Tigers of Snow
  10. Wilderness of Hearts

Watch “Flying over Tripinith” official video here: