Lord Vigo – Danse de Noir

In the mood for some Progressive Doom Metal with touches of gothic stuff?

Well, to be frank I am making up this term assuming that it doesn’t exist yet. Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes it seems that all the terms are already taken. Sign of the times, I guess.

Okay, but despite all that Lord Vigo give us very good music in “Danse de Noir” just because it sounds and looks pretty doomy, but in fact, the band does a nice mix here with their shoegazed but still exciting sonance. It is an album that I confess I had the pleasure to listen to a lot of times. I particularly liked the touches of Omen and Savage Grace in it by the voice of Clortho. The man uses pretty well his well-adjusted voice with some well put high pitches bouncing with a low voice in the back. Yeah, I like that variety of vocal lines. It gives the music some different vibes. Clortho manages well to pass the right amounts of despair, fear, and emotion all the features that enlighten a song. The same compliment goes to the guitars and their precise and beautiful interventions. Very good solos full of well-planned doses of emotion. Listen to the guitar solos in title track “Danse de Noir” and in “Memento Mori.” Play close on how they grow in crescendo until they reach the ectasis in an explosion of sounds and textures. Few guitarists know how to do that. In general most just go up and down scales.

I’m not pretty sure, but “Danse de Noir” sounds as a concept album when you listen to it. It begins and is closed by a speech. The mood in the songs lead the fan to a sequence as if the albm tells a story. Songs also go in a crescendo to reach a peak more or less on the sixth or seventh track. The album has ten. Interesting fact the fan will notice that title track “Danse de Noir” has its bass lines very similar to Black Sabbath’s “Heaven and Hell” giving the song a mood that makes the song outreaches the reality giving it a certain aura. No, the song doesn’t sound any near it. It’s just the bass lines.

Ah, it calls the eye the band’s line-up with three bassists and two drummers. Really not the usual.

Lord Vigo “Danse de Noir” will be released on April 10th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Voight Kampff Situation
  2. Danse De Noir
  3. Are You Human
  4. The Verge of Time
  5. Fiery the Angels Fell
  6. Shoulder of Orion
  7. And Then the Planets Will Align
  8. Between Despair and Ecstasy
  9. As Silence Grows Old
  10. Memento Mori

Watch “Memento Mori” official music video here: