Lords of Salem – Hell over Salem

Only a few time ago I discovered that bands like WASP were considered dark hard rock. In fact, there is another term to those bands, but I can’t remember right now. Well, bottomline, Lords of Salem are a band that recreate this kind of sound and with a strong dash of 1970s sonance specially on first track “Monster Girl” whose cadence is pretty 1970ish. I particularly appreciate this kind of music. Hard Rock was part of my musical learning back then in the 1980s.

But Lords of Salem don’t sound exactly like the bands we’re talking about. They got a more modern touch sounding more like bands as Lordi. It’s almost impossible for a today’s band not having keyboards, and that’s what makes them pretty different from legendary American Hard Rock bands. They never had keyboards. It was kind of rule. Of course, if you except Bon Jovi, which many don’t consider Metal, but in the 1980s they were.

“Hell over Salem” is an EP with only four tracks, but they are tasty and exciting as their peers. If there is one thing you can’t deny about Hard Rock bands is that they aren’t exciting and thrilling. “Zombie Monkey Woman” is the hardest and heaviest track with strong guitar riffing and a powerful chorus and some touches of electronic effects which fit perfectly to it. Last, but not least, track four “Rock’n’Roll Machine” sounds more standard with an uptempo cadence which highlights the drummers efforts while speeding and slowing the tempo. It works very fine.

Lords of Salem are an interesting band if you like the thrills and excitement of Modern Hard Rock.

Lords of Salem “Hell over Salem” was self-released on October 31st, 2018.

Track Listing:

  1. Monster Girl
  2. Hell over Salem
  3. Zombie Monkey Woman
  4. Rock’n’ Roll Machine

Watch “Hell over Salem” official video here: