Lychgate – Also sprach Futura

Ah, how I love this world of Metal music. While one praises the dark, the other praises the light and they both live together as equals. Metal has the ability to represent both Lords of light and darkness. Only the strongest can. Just the other review I was writing about a band with a bright grip ant today I have a band with a darker one. Lychgate with “Also sprach Futura” praise the dark honestly. There is no question about it. It is very interesting to posit here both version of Metal music. Lychgate use tones, tempos, chords and keyboards to create an experience of chaos and insanity. The initial sequence of “Progeny of the Singularity” shows this very particularly. Even the melodic parts are to create a feeling of discomfort to the fan. Even the sweetest has some bitter taste of the twisted and insane. The slow ands more cadenced parts are to fright to to please giving the fan a distorted idea of reality. Listen to the sick chorus in it to get what I’m saying. Of course, there is beauty in the chaos and Lychgate do their best to show it to the fan. 

Comparing the keyboards it’s possible to notice that in “Also sprach Futura” they are tense and are prone to give this exact feelign to the fan. Keyboards lines create a tension inside the song which tends to give room to more chaos and disorder. The four tracks herein reinforce this idea letting the fan enjoy the dark and tense and warm forces of darkness. Lychgate are one of the bands that really took the best sounds of the keyboards in order to build their music. They are very important and intense to the songwriting which is not the usual for Metal bands. It’s funny to remember that in the past keyboards were though to sweeten the songs. well, as a matter of fact, they usually did it in most bands. The 1990s came with the new intent and turned them into a powerful force of disorder and chaos along with the guitars. Moreover, they add some kind of insanity and sickness to the mood. 

Here’s an EP that is worthy every single minute of it.

Lychgate  “Also sprach Futura” will be released on 13th March via Debemur Morti.

Track Listing:

  1. Incarnate
  2. Progeny of the Singularity
  3. Simulacrum
  4. Vanity Ablaze

Watch “Progeny of the Singularity” official music video here: