Lyria Perform Online Christmas Show For Fans

It is a holiday season and Lyria want to celebrate the end of such a productive year with fans from all over the world! On December 22nd (Sunday), the show will bring together the songs from the albums “Immersion” (2018) and “Catharsis” (2014), in a performance directly from the band’s home studio, with tickets at “pay what you want” prices.

***UPDATE: For health reasons, the online show of LYRIA, which would be broadcast this Sunday (15), was postponed to next Sunday (22/12).***

The year 2019 brought to Lyria shows in several cities, and the release of music videos such as The Rain, the latest one, which has over 158,000 views, and the opportunity to meet fans from all over the world through daily online contact. The band promises more surprises until the end of the year.

Pioneers in the online show broadcasting mode, Lyria have built its own studio for rehearsals and streamings. The live broadcasting project has been going on for over four years, and with each edition the number of fans attending the event increases. During the exhibition there are conversations between the band and the audience, making their relationship even closer. The public can also watch the show whenever they want, as it is recorded.

Founded in 2012 by Aline Happ (vocal), the Brazilian metal band is one of the best known in the country, with 95,000 likes on Facebook and, on the same social network, the clip of “Jester,” has almost three million views. The second album, “Immersion,” had a collective funding to be produced, raising more than $ 13 thousand. Extraordinary feats for an independent Brazilian metal band.

In addition to Aline, Lyria feature Rod Wolf (guitar), Thiago Zig (bass) and Thiago Mateu (drums). With striking choruses, well-crafted arrangements and overcoming themes, Lyria brings together fans from all corners of the globe, especially in Europe, the United States and Brazil.


1) Click here to get your tickets (price: pay what you want).

2) Ten minutes before the concert starts, the public will receive a secret link, via email, to watch the concert whenever they want, since it will be recorded. Want to know more about the online concerts? Check out a video taken from our last one:

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