Man Must Die – The Pain Behind It All Review

What to say about a band that calls itself Man Must Die than praise it louder and louder? All right, not that far but humankind has gone bananas, hasn’t it? No, I’m not really a person who relies on a kinf of toxic positivism. I know things are really, but really far from being great and humankind has reached a point of no return regarding our relation with this little and sad and pathetic planet. This is a thing that, of course, will reflect on music and the arts. “The Pain Behind It All” is musically a reflexion of that with its in the face attitude and blood thristy eyes. The album is the one, two, three, four, go! kind. No concessions to any kind of melody. Just the hard and dark reflexion of what our society is nowadays. I have to say that I share most of the band’s ideas.

I’d love to label as “The Pain Behind It All” Thrash Metal, but Man Must Die go farther on their musical view of reality. For that they incorporated lots of Hardcore influences and vigour and strength. I guess muscular is a term that reflects pretty well the music my dear child of the night will listen here. It’s in tracks like the tender tittled “Bring me the Head of the King” that the band show their amalgama of Extreme Metal with some Thrash Metal with some traits of Death Metal. Well, to be fair with the band and my dear child of the night, I guess it’s the other way around here in this track. It’s much more a Death metal track with traits of Thrash Metal. By Thrash Metal I imply here that “The Pain Behind It All” is much more near its Hardcore version. I dare to say that from what I’ve listened here this album is much more a mix of Death Metal with Hardcore. The guitars and drumming of “Who Goes there__I.F.F” take this road. Just hear the  warcries.

This is an album that is hard and heavier than hell. Man Must Die have an unique way of musically showing their discontent with everything that happens in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet.

Man Must Die “The Pain Behind It All” will be released on February 17th via Distortion Music Group.

Track Listing:

  1. O.C.D
  2. Patterns in Chaos
  3. The Pain Behind It All
  4. In the Hour Before your Death
  5. Clickhate
  6. Enabler
  7. Bring me the Head of the King
  8. War Is My Will
  9. Alone in a Crowded Room
  10. Who Goes there__I.F.F

Watch “The Pain Behind It All” official music video here: