Massacre – Resurgence Review

Extreme Metal is at least 70% of the material we receive here at Metal Addicts. From those 70% my guess is that at least 50% is Death Metal. It’s a great prominance among all Metal styles and it means that it’s possible to say that Death Metal can be defined as the leading Metal style today. So, my dear fan may wonder how I deal with so many bands whenever I receive them. I mean, how to write a review about a band from a style that one hears so much? Well, as I’ve been saying for a while, I look for features in the band’s music or else that could rise my attention to. All bands have a distinctive sonancy or other features in their albums that make them different from each other. My job is to tell you my dear fan what are those distintictiv sonancies.

Ok, then. Here we have Massacre with “Resurgence.” First thing that pops up is the name of the band Massacre, a killer monicker for a a Death Metal band. For the record, I took a quick look at the Encyclopaedia Metallum and I found 9 bands with the same name. Tough day, huh? Ok, but we’re talking about Florida’s Massacre, a band that is in the area since 1986. Regarding to the instrumentals, “Resurgence” is full of Metallica’s riffing, I mean, the impression I got while listening to the album was that the instrumentals are largely inspired in Metallica’s golden era. Ok, I may be wrong, however, it’s the way I felt it. But, my dear fan, listen to album opener “Eldritch Prophecy’s” intro and then the first riffing and tell if they don’t remind Metallica’s with a shrieking and harsher voice. The feeling and intent are there. It’s somewhat a blend of Metallica’s riffing with Cannibal Corpse’s vocals. The song takes a different path then, but the intent is recorded there. Following track “Ruins Of R’lyeh” takes the same path. The riffing reminds the downpicking Metallica used to do plus the low guitar tunning. On the other hand, songs as “Book of the Dead” or “Into the Far Off Void” are off this understanding being more Death Metal regarding to the instrumentals.

Here we have an album that delivers something else that may attract Metallica’s orphans – and they’re so many. Instrumentals in the album remind a lot the best Metallica used to do and the idea of melting them down with Death Metal sounds extreme.

Massacre “Resurgence” was released on October 2nd via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Eldritch Prophecy
  2. Ruins of R’lyeh
  3. The Innsmouth Strain
  4. The Whisperer in Darkness
  5. Book of the Dead
  6. Into the Far Off Void
  7. Servants of Discord
  8. Fate of the Elder Gods
  9. Spawn of the Succubus
  10. Return of the Corpse Grinder

Watch “Ruins Of R’lyeh” official visualizer video: