MDXX – S/T Review

Every now and then there comes an album that gives me a lot of thought. First of all, the impression I had was that “MDXX” was a compilation or some kind of guests albums due to the difference among each track. Basically, most of the album can be considered Old School Heavy Metal, but there are some moments that it goes away from it. There is, though, a connecting line among tracks that is the epic and grand scenario mood as Manilla Road used to love. However, even to say that it seems that I would be dimishing the band. I guess unique is the right term for what I’m listening here. As unique as it can be in the verve of the third millenium when a real horde of Metal bands left the seven depths of hell to conquer this sad and lonely and othetic little planet. It’s so nice to see that there are still bands that struggle to get out of the same box of the same bands and sonancies.

Album welcomer “Gasbreather” passes the fan all the disillusion whose lyrics “Don’t call me evil ’cause you don’t know what it is” avoids all the certainty of life we insist to be. The other part “Don’t call the angels ’cause they don’t exist” opens up all the disenchant with everything that stands for being protected or anything like that. “Oblivion” comes next with that galloping guitar riffing that stands for everything we heavy metallers believe about being great music. The guitars are strong as hell, though from where I’m standing they could use a little more volume. The song is a bit more melodic that the previous with a astonishing change of heart around the third minute to metal thrashing mad as the mighty Anthrax used to call it. All in a sudden the song returns to its initial guitars as nothing happened. Following track “Enforcer” repeats the strong guitar riffing though a little more cadenced. It’s interesting how MDXX use mesmerizing guitar riffings to build up their music. It’s a technique very used by Black Metal to create some hypnotic atmospheres. I have to say a few words about “Interlude” which an acoustic piano track that goes out of the box totally. Its epic and grand mood is complete with a dark and gloomy, though gentle voice that narrates the story. One foot on Power Metal, but the spirit of Doom. By the way, it calls the eye that all the songs have just one word tittles.

I guess there is no use to call “MDXX” simply as Doom Metal because from where I sit the band goes beyond it. However, the Doom Metal intent in the songs is the spice that gives the very special flavor the album delivers the fan. “MDXX” is simply worth it.

MDXX “MDXX” will be released on March 24th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Gasbreather
  2. Oblivion
  3. Enforcer
  4. Decimation
  5. Interlude
  6. Submission
  7. Blåkulla
  8. Sanctum

Watch “Decimation” official lyric video here: