Medium – S/T

I confess I look the other way when I receive a Grindcore album. But this “Medium” has really got me. I guess it is maybe it isn’t a grindcore album to the core. It has so many Death Metal and punk Hardcore aspects to count on. One of the most cruel albums of this year. In fact, there are lot of exterior features as some gothic as in “Maixmum Rampage,” but the fan will notice that Punk Hardcore is the biggest influence. Unlike their peers, Medium use a lot guitar solos and guitar licks. The rhythm in “Medium” is frantic and rude, but in no way raw. Musicwise, Medium may not be an all virtuosi band, but itr doesn’t mean they can’t do it. On the opposite, “Medium” is very well-balanced and creative. Songs as “Gargola” are very well-built with a nice and interesting guitar work that reminds a lot what Motörhead used to. The mix Medium prones a lot to Motöhead’s due to use of high-speed drumming, but not that real fast as their peers. Medium’s fast drumming reminds much more the aforementioned Hardcore and Thrash Metal. Also the guitar riffs of “Radiation Huntress” are really exciting and abrasive. A track that makes the metaller bang at large. The only thing in “Medium” that real counts for Grindcore is the length of the songs, in an average of two minutes.

I confess that for my personal taste Medium are a band that pleases me. As I said in the beginning of this review I’m not so found of Grindcore, but “Medium” really got me. One of the features that aprkled most my interest was the vocals. It is almost possible to understand what the vocalist says…

So, I’ll follow Grindcore rules and this review will be shorter than usual…

Medium “S/T” will be released on March 06th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Skullcomet Sorcery
  2. Maximum Rampage
  3. El Gigante
  4. Black Future Patrol
  5. Gargola
  6. Night Vision
  7. Radiation Huntress

Watch “El Gigante” official music video here: