Messer – Messer

Sunday is a very lazy and sleepy day, also it is the international day for pasta in any italian blooded family. So I prepared my capeletti with a juicy tomato sauce with some roasted chicken. Hey, I am a respectable dude. Presto! A very special sunday, and traditional lunch. What does this have to do with Messer? Nothing because this is not a recipe review, but a musical review. A lot, because Messer are the exact combination of tradition and modernity. Messer were the right choice as a good wine to go with the meal. “Make This Life” is a cheer up effort that enlightened the day with my capeletti. Much of it thanks to vocalist Dereak Messer, whose correct and well-tuned voice gave light to this album though alternative rock/metal is not the exact styles to make a vocalist shine.

Messer’s “Make This Life” is able to mix properly hard rock pieces with some alternative and industrial effects. The outcome was a modern and cutting edge sound which has not lost the needed aggression and spontaneity which made “Messer” a very spontaneous album. Many ask what happened to the 1980s hard rock. I have the answer; it evolved to Messer“Messer” keep the faith of the good old hard rock with some dashes of modern metal. Messer even kept the feeling with a modern power ballad called “Lay Down Your Heart,” which reminds a lot Rough Cutt.

The first single & video “Make This Life,” is the living proof that it is possible to make modern music with a proper vocalist and guitar solos. It’s about time. The next one is for the broken hearted, “One More Time” is another ballad, but this one has a 1970s taste which makes you sing along.

Yeah, it was a good old traditional sunday. Thanks to my capeletti and to Messer’s “Messer.”

Messer’s “Messer” was on the table on April 20th via Maddpants Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Throw It Away
  2. Everything Beautiful
  3. Fight Of My Life
  4. Still Better Off
  5. Lay Down Your Heart
  6. Make This Life
  7. Simple Man
  8. Save Myself
  9. One More Time
  10. Whiskey
  11. Simple Man (Acoustic)

P. S.: Messer did a very good job on honoring the name “Simple Man (Acoustic).”  Now I know why “Whiskey” is the fan fave. Uptempo song with good guitar solos.

Watch “Make This Life” official video here: