METALDAYS Festival’s Final Day Cancelled Due To Rainstorms And Floods

Metaldays Floods

Due to severe rain and flooding in the region, the final day of this year’s MetalDays festival, an annual event hosted at Lake Velenje in Velenje, Slovenia, has been called off.

the MetalDays organizers issued the following statement earlier today (August 4): “The authorities have declared a state of emergency, indicating a serious situation that requires immediate action.

“The last day of the festival is canceled, and no shows will happen due to the current situation.

“It’s advised not to attempt to leave Velenje, as all streets are closed for safety reasons.”

The Environment Agency of Slovenia has released a red alert warning, anticipating extensive flooding due to persistent heavy rainfall, as reported by Reuters. Weather experts predict that these severe weather conditions will continue for a minimum of 24 hours.

In a report to the official STA news agency, Slovenian authorities have confirmed the tragic loss of three lives since the onset of the unfavorable weather from Thursday.