Midas – S/T Review

Some bands have forgotten how nice and exciting is to name the band very simply, with a very simple name as Midas did here. The music inside here is also so simple as Metal can be, but very, but very exciting. Midas got exactly the spirit of the early 1980s Metal bands. That’s what they put here for the delight of a legion of Metal fans. The sound that bands as Judas Priest, early Def Lepard, Thin Lizzy made famous and adored. Melody with aggression, finesse with hard rocking, that’s the winner recipe. I just can’t imagine a world without the melodious twin guitars Midas perform here. Just can’t. I recommend my dear fan to go right away to “Eyes in the Cold” to feel the power and the glory of twin guitars at their best. This self-tittled album is so exciting as it can get.

There are many memorable moments here besides the one I mentioned before. “Hell Has Frozen Over” has a nice and intriguing tittle. Well, to many it means the end of times because many things will be true when hell freezes over. Besides the intended pun, the song has that kind of lost melody many bands look for today. With the prize of the punch. The Iron Maiden inspired and driven “Running Scared” shows another facete of the band. A more aggressive and fast one. Perhaps the track that will attract more fans due to its Paul Dianno’s era inspiration. A homage to the guy. By the way, the incredible twin guitars are here again giving their formidable contribution to the progress of Heavy Metal music.

I know, I know, my dear fan must be thinking “Oh, no. One more band that plays the good old and glorious Metal past, but where’s the future?” I don’t really know my dear fan. Really, but I guess the future needs to look at the past to be truthful. Bands as Midas fulfill a very important role in the future of Metal music. This link to the past show new bands where they came from. Moreover, where to get the inspiration.

Midas “Midas” will be released on April 29th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Slaves to the Night
  2. Nobody Gets out Alive
  3. Hellfire
  4. Break the Chains
  5. Eyes in the Cold
  6. Hell Has Frozen Over
  7. Running Scared
  8. Golden Chariots

Watch “Golden Chariots” official video here: