MIKE PORTNOY: ELOY CASAGRANDE Is Definitely ‘The Second-Best Drummer For SLIPKNOT’

Mike Portnoy Eloy Casagrande

In a recent interview with Brazil’s Marcelo Vieira and Mateus Ribeiro, DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy was asked whether he believes Eloy Casagrande is “the perfect drummer for SLIPKNOT“.

Portnoy responded (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “I do. Eloy really… Well, actually, no. The perfect drummer for SLIPKNOT would have been [my son] Max Portnoy. [Laughs] But the second-best drummer for SLIPKNOT, behind Max, is definitely Eloy. I mean, he’s a perfect fit, a perfect pick. He has so much incredible technique, but beyond technique, he plays with a lot of spirit and balls and personality. And sometimes, for me, that’s way more important than technique. But in his case, he has both. He has it all. And I couldn’t be happier for him. And I’m also happy for Greyson [Nekrutman] who took his place in SEPULTURA, ’cause he’s another favorite modern drummer of mine.

“So, the kind of triangle between SEPULTURASLIPKNOT and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, with [former SLIPKNOT drummer] Jay Weinberg going to SUICIDAL, it’s the perfect metal triangle. I think all three of those drummers are tremendous, and they’ve all Gotten great gigs.”

Max Portnoy, 25, has played drums for bands like TALLAH and CODE ORANGE.

Casagrande joined SLIPKNOT in February, stepping into the role previously held by Jay Weinberg, who was unexpectedly dismissed in November 2023. His abrupt departure from SEPULTURA in February, just before the band’s 40th anniversary farewell tour rehearsals, hinted at his transition to SLIPKNOT.

During a recent interview on UOL Prime, drummer Eloy Casagrande spoke about his decision to join SLIPKNOT which led to departure from SEPULTURA.

Eloy said: “The first factor for me wanting to play in SLIPKNOT was the end of SEPULTURA. I’m 33 years old. I respected Andreas‘ [KisserSEPULTURA guitarist] decision, but I needed to move on with my life. SLIPKNOT’s invitation had no like waiting a year. It was yes or no.”

The drummer states that he arranged a meeting with SEPULTURA immediately after receiving confirmation of his hiring by SLIPKNOT.

“How they understood the news I don’t know, because I didn’t talk to them anymore,” he said. “From the moment I broke the news about what was happening, they didn’t talk to me anymore, and I think they asked everyone from the team not to talk to me anymore.”

“But like that, I still have a great affection for them,” he continued. “If they came to talk to me today I would say it cool, because we never had any professional, personal or friendship problems, it was always very peaceful, especially because we traveled together, spent months on tour buses and everything.”

“So, I took that attitude too, because I was never part of SEPULTURA, I was always an autonomous musician, I was always a musician hired by the band,” Eloy added. “So, from the moment I took this action it was because I had freedom, it wasn’t that I was part of SEPULTURA‘s social contract.”