Mitsein – Scars

It’s so good to hear a strong female voice in a strong band doing some strong music. Yeah, I just wanted to emphasize the word strong because I think they fit to women. Only that. I have been saying for some time that the contrast of a female voice with the punching guitars is the maximum threat. My perfect Metal band would have a female voice for sure sharing vocals with a dude. Maybe some more players or all of them. Women rock I’m sure of that. They haven’t taken over the world yet because they are still deciding what to wear on the occasion.

The album kicks out with “Revenge” with a powerful pounding drumming and a catchy, but fierce guitar riff. A perfect dressing for the nice and warm voice of vocalist Cristienne Graciano. Mitsein flert with Symphonic Metal sometimes adding some speed enough to became a Speed Metal thing. In the middle of it all is the very well-known Power Metal. “Revenge” is the the track that flerts with both. On the other hand, following track “I Will Find My Way” fits perfectly into Symphonic and I guess that is intentional by the band that intends to explore all the facets and possibilities vocals are able to offer. Things are getting very competitive for Symphonic bands these days and standing out of the crowd seems to be a great idea. Sometimes vocals lead the track to other places as it happens in “Reborn” which sounds pretty much standard Modern Metal. The fan may recognize elements of Evanescence here. No wonder as the band is a great reference to all bands in this subgenre. “The Voices” follows the same steps with a very cool intro showing the most symphonic face of the band. By the minute it gets harsh and with the well known big guitar riffings. By the way, a big hail to the sharp guitar interventions throughout the album.

Mitsein “Scars” will be released on April 01st via MCK Comercial e Serviços LTDA.

Track Listing:

  1. Revenge
  2. I’ll Find My Way
  3. Reborn
  4. The Voices
  5. Scars
  6. Fighter

Watch “Scars” official music video here: