Myrkgrav – Takk og farvel

I was really looking forward some Folk Metal band to review. I say that because Folk Metal is one of the Metal styles that are bursting these days, and of course, because I like it very much. Not to mention the great deal of good bands that march in their phalanges . I said I like Folk Metal, but there’s a limit, and it’s when I start seeing dwarves, elves and dragons flying all around without the use of any recreational substances.

Myrkgrav, the subject of our review, are a one-man band. Created by Lars Jensen, Myrkgrav exploit the great myriad of northern european miths and folklore figures and traditional instruments mixed with extreme metal. That mix is their diferential. Sometimes, the mastermind Lars Jensen invites some guests to help him carry on the project and ‘add their own flare’ as Lars says.

“Takk og farvel (Thanks And Goodbye)” is a very interesting album. First because of the sonority of Norwegian language which fits nicely in all songs, and second because of the mix with extreme metal tunes. This mix gives a special taste to “Takk og farvel.” Lars has a very deep and imposed voice, which helps a lot in giving the epic atmosphere that goes through all songs. As most of its peers, “Takk og farvel” has the sonority use of some traditional instruments. But don’t think that they sound weird or something. The sound is of a regular violin or similar.

Let’s talk about the songs. There are fifteen songs in “Takk og farvel.” Three of them are instrumentals. I’d say that’s where Lars shows everything he knows. All songs are very well designed. Lars is everything but a simple guy in terms of music. He knows exactly how each song is supposed to be. He chooses carefully the traditional instrument that will fit better in each song. He’s an artist in the pure sense of the word. The kind of guy whose musicality goes beyond the borders of the common man. In my opinion the best songs are those which are more extreme metal than folk, for instance “Soterudsvarten” or “Om å danse bekhette.”They are epical and strong. I like them better. Of course, I’m not saying the others are no good. They are. It’s just a pick. I prefer some of them. Just that.

Listen Myrkgrav  “Takk og farvel” if you want more than a Folk Metal album.

Track Listing:

  1. Skjøn jomfru (Norwegian version)
  2. Vonde auer (traditional version)
  3. Vonde auer
  4. Bakom Gyrihaugen (instrumental)
  5. Soterudsvarten
  6. Om å danse bekhette (10th anniversary edition)
  7. Spålsnatt (instrumental)
  8. Tørrhard
  9. Finnkjerringa (10th anniversary edition)
  10. Østa glette (instrumental)
  11. Sjuguttmyra
  12. Uttjent
  13. Tviom! (instrumental)
  14. Skjøn jomfru (English version)
  15. Takk og farvel

Myrkgrav  “Takk og farvel” was released in various formats: streaming is available since October 26th. The digital download is available since September 28th. Click here for digital downloading via BandCamp. The physical format is available since August 21st. Click here for the physical format.

Watch “Takk og farvel” here: