Necrodeath – Defragments of Insanity

I love bands what you pay is what you got type. When you read the name Necrodeath you imagine a Death or Thrash Metal band, and that’s exactly what they are. “Defragments of Insanity” is a great piece of old school extreme Metal with those insane and screaming guitar solos. In fact, “Defragments of Insanity” is the re-recording of legendary “Fragments of Insanity,” originally released in 1989. Necrodeath captured very well the vibe of that moment when Extreme Metal was rising and growing. “Defragments of Insanity” is a great picture of that moment.

“Choose Your Death” is a perfect album opener track showing everything Necrodeath got. Flaming instrumentals with an angry and high-octaned vocals with those tempo breaks that bands I don’t why left away. The eight tracks of “Defragments of Insanity” aren’t exactly monolithic, but they do follow a path which is to be the most insane as possible. And they really achieve that with a series of sharp and fast guitar riffing with a thundering drumming that embodies the sound a lot.

But the great deal is the 1980s touches that makes us wonder why such a band didn’t achieve the recognition they deserved. Beats me. Necrodeath are a very consistent and competent band. Tracks as “Enter My Subconscious” give a pretty good idea of how a band can deal with musical aggression but also keeping moments of refreshment that make you bang your head at large. Its neat instrumentals show all the cutting edge attitude even though they’re the real deal from the 1980s. Truely a piece of history that still leaves its remains.

Necrodeath “Defragments of Insanity” will be released on April 05th  via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Choose Your Death
  2. Thanatoid
  3. State of Progressive Annihilation
  4. Metempsychosis
  5. Fragments of Insanity
  6. Enter My Subconscious
  7. Stillbirth
  8. Eucharistical Sacrifice

Watch “The Triumph of Pain” official video here: