Neshamot – Under a Starless Sky

First of all, “Under a Starless Sky” is a single with only two tracks which made me give a lot of thought if I should review it or not. But it’s so damn good! In two small pieces of barely four minutes each, Neshamot wrote their name to eternity, and put a star in their starless sky.

The two pieces are very different from each other, “Under a Starless Sky” and “The Suffocating Dark” tell two different tales. The first one is consistently modern, I mean it not in a bad way, but to explain that Neshamot applies to their music a great deal of modern metal elements to the song. The first seconds take you to what I call sonorous and vigorous pounding to suddenly slow down a little and bring a crazy, hypnotic and suffering atmosphere created by the guitars. Then the song slows a bit down with some keyboards cooling things down, but in order to reinforce all the sickness present if the atmosphere. “Under a Starless Sky” is four minute lesson of how black metal can still be aggressive, provocative, defiant, and better, sick. Then we pleasurely go to the second song wondering if it could get even better. And it gets, my brothers and sisters! “The Suffocating Dark” makes you instantly bang your head hard with its black/thrash intro riffs, the pounding drums, and the join-us first roar. Funny to mention that there are no guitar solos in both songs, but you don’t really miss them. The band worked so envolving guitar textures that made them redundant. “The Suffocating Dark” drinks in a fountain that early Slayer, Exodus, and other masters did, but besides that it’s unique. Neshamot was able to engrave their touch in it to give that awesomeness needed, and so desired.

Track Listing:

  1. Under a Starless Sky
  2. The Suffocating Dark

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