NIGHT DEMON’s Second And After Long Await Coming Soon

Beneath the tranquil veneer of the picturesque beachside town of Ventura, California, something dangerous lurks in the shadows…
Night Demon erupted onto the underground heavy metal scene with their self-titled four-song EP in 2012.  This recording showcased a sound forged by a deep-seated passion for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal loaded with unmistakable notes of American muscle and swagger.
Listeners around the globe were captivated by this fresh take on a revered sound, and a notable street buzz soon followed. In 2014, the band’s momentum continued trending upwards, when they landed support slots on the US tours for Diamond Head and Raven, as well as launching the first of many DIY van tours across Europe that summer.  This European jaunt strung together several festival appearances, and was complimented by gigs in every city, town and hole-in-the-wall village they could find.  This became the blueprint for the band’s subsequent trips to Europe in 2014 and cemented Night Demon’s reputation, both at home and abroad, for being an incendiary, must-see live act with a tireless work ethic.
The next milestone in Night Demon’s career arc was the release of their first full-length album in January 2015 via SPV/Steamhammer in Europe.  Entitled Curse of the Damned, the record refined the band’s trademark sound heard on the Night Demon EP, while continuing to cut across generational and genre-dividing lines.  Besides garnering widespread critical acclaim, Curse of the Damned also inspired fanatical devotion amongst the heavy metal faithful – the record was voted the #1 album of 2015 by listeners of WCJU’s Metal on Metal radio show in Cleveland, Ohio. Promotion for the new record began with the band crisscrossing the United States multiple times for the better part of two years, headlining shows and appearing alongside heavyweights such as Carcass and Crowbar. The band’s relentless touring in the European Market paid off and they scored a high-profile appearance on the main stage at Germany’s Bang Your Head!!! Festival in July 2016.
Never a band to follow the expected trajectory, Night Demon has forged their own path bringing their distinct brand of heavy metal heat to more people in more places – including those less traversed and off the beaten path. The band has completed two tours in Mexico, and, in early 2017, a run of 20 dates in South and Central America, including ten shows in Brazil alone! With each successive tour, Night Demon’s live show has incorporated additional production elements, including innovative lighting, visual effects and the nightly onstage appearance of the band’s black-cloaked skeletal mascot, Rocky, to haunt, goad and tempt concertgoers into drinking from the chalice.
Night Demon stands on the precipice of their biggest album and touring cycle yet.  With their second full-length, aptly entitled Darkness Remains, the true defenders of the night are poised to bring their volatile stage show and fist pumping, neck wrecking, Heavy Metal sound to audiences the world round.
Darkness Remains delivers all the expected NWOBHM-inspired thrills and chills, but also sees members, Jarvis Leatherby (vocals/bass), Armand John Anthony (guitar), and Dusty Squires (drums), honing their songwriting chops. Not only has the band’s overall sound matured, but the individual members have carved out their own niches, sharpened their attack, and even taken some chances along the way.  Boasting a full, powerful, and clear production that retains a raw edginess, Darkness Remains sets the gold standard for how a traditional metal record should sound in 2017.
These unrelenting road warriors show no sign of slowing down and will kick off the new album cycle with a national U.S. tour alongside Anvil in spring 2017.  Numerous global festival appearances have also been confirmed—including amongst others, Frost and Fire, Defenders of the Old, Maryland Death Fest’s Days of Darkness in America, Up the Hammers in Greece, Pounding Metal in Spain, Very ‘Eavy in the Netherlands, Keep It True, Rock Hard and Party San Metal Open Air in Germany.  For Night Demon, no stage is too small and no stage is too large.  They will take them all by storm.  Welcome to the blessed night …


Jarvis Leatherby – bass, vocals
Armand John Anthony – guitars
Dusty Squires – drums


21.04.D-Oberhausen – Helvete (with Angel Witch)
22.04.NL-Stadskanaal – Very ‘Eavy Festival
23.04.B-Roeselare – De Verlichte Geest (with Angel Witch)
26.04.NL-Tilburg – Little Devil
27.04.B-Diest – Moonlight Music Hall
28.-29.04.D-Lauda/Königshofen – Keep It True Festival
30.04.D-Leipzig – Hellraiser
03.05.CH-Aarau – Kiff
05.05.E-Madrid – Pounding Metal Fest
11.05.D-Karlsruhe – Alte Hackerei
13.05.D-Oberndorf am Lech – Metalheadz Open Air
14.05.CH-Chur – Pallazo Beat Club
16.05.D-Munich – Backstage
17.05.A-Vienna – Escape Metal Corner
19.05.D-Etzenrot – Soundcheck One
20.05.A-Dornbirn – Schlachthaus
24.05.PL-Warsaw – Poglos
26.05.-27.05.GR-Athens – Up The Hammers Festival
01.-03.06.SE-Tyrolen – Muskelrock
03.06.D-Berlin – Cortina
04.06.D-Gelsenkirchen – Rock Hard Festival
27.07.D-Brande/Hörnerkirchen – Headbanger’s Open Air
10.-12.08.D-Schlotheim – PartySan Open Air