No Warning – Torture Culture

This line of work is fantastic, believe me. Once in a while even though the most mature and well-prepared reviewer receive a band that will astonish him. Not only the music itself, but also the attitude towards music. Bands today are so full of references that sometimes even the most raw style can be reinvented, and for God’s sake, get even better. I’m talking about hardcore. I confess I’m no big fan of it, but I respect all the influence it comes to Metal bands such as Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer, just to name a few. Metal owe a lot to punk and hardcore. Indeed.

Ok. But let’s go to the subject of this review: No Warning and “Torture Culture.”

No Warning are a bricolage and hodgepodge of influences and styles. Hardcore stands out. But there are many more. “Torture Culture” is a twelve tracked album full of heavy music references. To begin with, No Warning deserve the right to have guitar solos. No hardcore band of the past would allow that. The most, a guitar doing the same and simple riff altogether with a vocal line or something like this. Not No Warning. Guitar solos are complex. Songwriting is also complex. The only hardcore standard in No Warning and “Torture Culture” are the vocals. But a hardcore standard that reminds a lot NYC thrash bands like Anthrax. Although, some songs like “Unreality”  and “Total Surrender” remind a lot modern Alice Cooper efforts. In my opinion, if it’s worth it, I dare to say that “Torture Culture” is much more of a thrash album than hardcore.

Hardcore tracks such as “Like A Rebel” are much more near crossover bands as Suicidal Tendencies than GBH, for instance. Guitar riffing is clear and clean as most hardcore bands. Also precise. But the complexity is from thrash bands. That’s the main difference amongst thrash bands and hardcore. The technical musical complexity. Hardcore is raw. Thrash is complex. Though, lyrically No Warning is definitely punk. Urban themes are all over “Torture Culture.” And sometimes times gets punk furious like in “Animal.”

No Warning with “Torture Culture” give some fresh air to hardcore, I must say, and it’s sure a very good album. Give it a close and careful hearing.

By the way, releasing “Torture Culture” on a Friday the 13th is more Metal than punk…

Track Listing:

  1. Headless
  2. In The City
  3. Unreality
  4. Beyond The Law
  5. Total Surrender
  6. Hell Realm
  7. Like A Rebel
  8. Alleys Of My Mind
  9. Sanctuary
  10. Animal
  11. No Influence (From The Outside World)
  12. Torture Culture

Watch “Hell Realm” official video here: