:Nodfyr: Eigenheid Review

At first :Nodfyr: “Eigenheid” doesn’t impress nor make a great presence. Then comes the voice. A deep and grave male voice which sometimes does that impostation that makes you remember how nice it is. “Eigenheid” is the kind of album that, for me, went in a liking crescendo. I explain, at first, as I said, I didn’t connect with it, and I have to connect with an album to be able to write about it. However, as “Eigenheid’s” tracks went on and I got noticing the amazing voice vocalist Joris has. Soon my memory rang a bell. Hum, did I review the band before? So, when in doubt do a quick look through the arcjieves of Metal Addicts and voilà yes I did review the band in 2017 with “In Een Andere Tijd” and EP with only two tracks that now I recall to have sparked my attention. 

As I consider to get to know about a band very important here’s a quick note about :Nodfyr: from Encyclopaedia Metallum; the name :Nodfyr: refers to the Germanic pagan practice of fire making, mentioned in the 8th century Indiculus Superstitionum et Paganiarum, a Latin collection of capitularies identifying and condemning superstitious and pagan beliefs found in the north of Gaul and among the Saxons during the time of their subjugation and conversion by Charlemagne.

Following a trend among Metal bands, :Nodfyr: don’t use English as the chosen language, but Dutch. That makes vocalist Joris highlight each word he sings. I mean, suring the songwriting the fact of using his mother language gave him the possibility of exploring better the words to fit them into his singing. That’s the impression feels while listening to “Gelre, Gelre” and “Wording” where each word is stressed to make a stronger impact. Besides that, the band built up each song to be the more epic and grandious possible. Even the instrumental “Driekusman” sounds pretty epic and grand. Therefore, the band opted for some other ways of making Metal as the electronic effects applied on “Bloedlijn” in order to stress the effect of the guitars.

:Nodfyr:’s choices in “Eigenheid’s” brought very interesting effects and made it that kind of an album that the fan can’t miss. Vocals, the way I see it, are the highlight and the pinnacle of it making the great difference and giving it its uniqueness.

:Nodfyr:’s “Eigenheid’s” was released on March 05th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Mijn oude volk
  2. Gelre, Gelre
  3. Wording
  4. Driekusman
  5. Bloedlijn
  6. Zelf
  7. Nagedachtenis

Watch “Mijn oude volk” official video here:

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