Nuclear Power Trio – A Clear and Present Rager Review

Instrumental albums are something that I really think to have a kind of sexy approach especially when the bass lines are so prominent as the ones in “A Clear and Present Rager.” There was a time in Metal music that instrumental songs were mandatory in each album and bands indeed tried to do their best to write them. Though I guess that to pass the desired message without using words is clearly difficult for a Metal related band, I have to say that the outcome is always satisfatory. In fact, for many musicians it’s the opportunity to show how talented they are and for bands to show how together and cohesive they can be.

Nuclear Power Trio chose a traditional approach to their instrumental songs which is to make an intro showing all the instruments to then the lead one give the main theme. In this case the lead is the guitar. With a Progressive Metal approach, the band introduces some rhythmical and instrumental stranges to Metal music in each song. The most important thing in the album is that it doesn’t loose any inch of heavyness due to the instrumental and progressive plus fusion approach. In many ways it gets much more heavier – as a result of the many kinds of sounds in the songs – than its peers. Remarkable is also the provocative name of the band which comes to the three powerful nuclear superpower nations to remember us that the nuclear nightmare isn’t over at all. A hail to the fun and full of humor appeal the band gives us. Metal doesn’t have to be serious all the time. To mock and make fun of the powerful and mighty great “leaders” of this sad and lonely and pathetic planet is always allowed here.

First and opening track “Clear and Present Rager” opens up with dazzling and remarkable bass lines with some funky features in it. The metalic tone of the bass gives it a certain charm that many Metal bands look for. Following track “Grab ‘Em by the Pyongyang” goes the same way and doesn’t show too many surprises as “The Fusion Collusion” does with its real fusion approach using some 1970s effects that were kind of forgotten. The intention was to honor the latino jazz fusion of the 1970s which has Chick Corea as its most prominent star. Again the bass steals the scene with lots of slaps and interesting lines. The only problem with the songs in “Clear and Present Rager” is that the drums aren’t so clear and loud. I guess a louder mix could give them the great highlight they deserve. Years ago this song could be used as an opening theme for some TV show or something like it. Last, but no least, track “Ukraine in the Membrane” is the fastest and heaviest one of the album to remind all of us that this is a Metal music album. Guitars are great and this time the drums receive a better treatment to be as fast as they can. Great bass lines again with noce guitar phrases giving the main theme.

An album that the only problem is to have only 4 tracks.

Nuclear Power Trio “Clear and Present Rager” was released on October 30th via Metal Blade Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A Clear and Present Rager
  2. Grab em by the Pyongyang
  3. The Fusion Collusion
  4. Ukraine in the Membrane

Watch “Grab em by the Pyongyang” official video here: