Nuclear Winter – Seagrave Review

There are bands that are very copious. In three years, this is the fourth Nuclear Winter album we have the honor to review here. In 2020, for instance, the band put out two albums; “Night Shift” and “Stormscapes” in less than four months. Not bad for a one-man project of Gary Stautmeister who does everything in the albums from writing the music, vocals, production and the artwork. Gary Stautmeister and Nuclear Winter have been here since 2013 with their debut EP “The Void.” For all the albums an Industrial Metal grip fishbone has been maintained with some other touches here and there. However, I feel that this “Seagrave” has some elements that are dissimilar from the previous albums we’ve reviewed here. From where I’m standing this Industrial Metal grip fishbone is stronger than ever.

It’s been two years since Nuclear Winter’s last album called “Greystone” and a I have a pretty livid memory of it. The fact of being such a copious bands helps a lot. Well, ok it’s been two years from the last release but the reminder is still valid. As I said, the band’s main influence is a combination of Industrial Metal with Gothic Metal. All of this is still here, however, a track as “House of Silence” – a Bad Boys Blue cover – changes everything with its 1980’s dance music slant. Ok, it’s a cover, but even a cover reflects the band mindset. So, Nuclear Winter made it Industrial Metal as Marilyn Manson would do. Not exactly the band’s most influencial band from everything I have heard. Now opener track “The Glimmering Landscape” has everything the band has showed before. It’s a track that reminds a lot Nine Inch Nails with the same harsh vocals and thick guitars plus a Gothic Metal wrapping which gives it the monster metal image Nine Inch Nails love. Comparing to its predecessors “Seagrave” has less electronic elements and effects relying much more on the thick guitars and gothic vocals as “Starward Longing” delivers.

My opnion is that “Seagrave” is more attractive to the average Metal fan due to the guitars and vocals. The decision of making it more Metal, from where I’m stading, was a right one. The album is much more palatable to an Extreme Metal fan thatn the others were. “Fates Mysteries,” for instance, is the track that explains better the album. I recommend to go right to it.

Nuclear Winter “Seagrave” was released on July 21st via MMD Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Glimmering Landscape
  2. Starward Longing
  3. Fates Mysteries
  4. Thy Shadows Fall
  5. The Grave Is Wide
  6. The Dusk and the Song
  7. Pale Memories
  8. Black Waters
  9. House of Silence (Bad Boys Blue cover)

Watch “The Glimmering Landscape” official lyric video here: