Are you ready to brave the darkness and traverse the beyond? Debauched solo tryst of French guitarist and composer Louis Nas, Ominous Conclusions are a Lovecraft-inspired instrumental progressive metal project with fusion and orchestral influences. Ominous Conclusions are please to announce another step out of the mundane and into the ether with their new EP “The Outsider.”

These pessimistic harmonies will immerse you in the strange and unusual. Tumultuous and decadent, They will open to you the vistas of all that is uncanny, ghoulish, abnormal, horrible, and unbearable. It is the excavation of the most inconceivable lurking horrors the Universe should forever hide.

This delicious travesty was brought into being in 2019 with the release of the sordid first album, Prequel, that July. Composed of years of yearning, Prequel served as the catalyst for Nas to unleash his shadow upon the world.

“The Outsider” is a three-part instrumental piece built around H.P. Loevcraft’s tale and fully immerses the listener in the story, with only the notes to guide them. Nas comments: “I use instrumental music mainly because I’m not a singer, but also because I find the use of words too restrictive. I think that with just music you can really go into incredible nuances and details, and make the listener live the story you tell. Also, what’s great about not using words, is that every listener will picture something different in his mind while listening to the music, and thus connect deeper with it.”

It’s progressive metal, but so much more. Packed with technical proficiency and profound storytelling, in one word Ominous Conclusions is… OMINOUS.

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