One More Mystery of the Universe Solved: SLASH’s Top Hat!

Metal Addicts does it all for you, my child of the night. Little by little we are solving for you the most disturbing mysteries of the heavy music universe. Now is the time for Slash’s top hat. In an interview for The Sunday Times, the man talked about his most well-hidden secret. Read some excerts of the interview here:

“I do not really know how I do it but my hat just always stays on, yeah. I realize it has become a very recognizable look, yet it was never planned.”

“Early in my career, I was always on the lookout for a cool hat to complete my stage wardrobe. In 1985, we were playing the Whisky a Go Go [in West Hollywood] and I went to Melrose Boulevard in Los Angeles, where I spotted this top hat in the window of a store called Retail Slut.”

“I went inside and checked it out and thought it looked really cool, so I got it. In the vintage shop right next door, called Leathers & Treasures, I got a concert belt that I cut up and put around the hat. That became my hat and I wore it that night for the first time at that gig.”

“From that night on, my hat became something that I feel comfortable in.”

“It has also become something I can hide behind, as even though I love performing, I have never been good at looking into the eyes of the audience who are watching me. So, my hat and my hair in my face has just been my thing ever since.”

On his guitars:

“I indeed have a lot of guitars and I love them all for different reasons. But I have one guitar that I have pretty much used my entire professional career. I use it now as my main guitar in the studio and I would say this is likely my favorite.”

“I, however, have several guitars I love that I have been using live for a really long time now, like my 1987 Les Paul Standard that has been part of my live rig forever. I also have a B.C. Rich Mockingbird that, albeit not a Gibson, is one of my favorites to take out on the road since probably around 1991.”

“I also have several great guitars I have been using with The Conspirators that are simply killer live guitars. So, I would consider these on the top of my favorite list, but I love all my guitars, and each has its own personality.”