Orthostat – Monolith of Time

Orthostat with “Monolith of Time” surprise even the most top notch well-tuned Extreme Metal fan. Within a neat instrumental it’s possible to hear a funereal voice captured from the seven depths of hell and brought here to sing along with Orthostat guys. The effect outcomes everything you have ever imagined. The dialects of Metal working as ever.

“Monolith of Time” is an album that defies time as we know it. Musicwise, it’s pure traditional Heavy Metal with some touches of Extreme Metal in some songs and instrumental passages as in “Ambaxtoi,” which kicks off with an elegant, and terrifying intro to make all the atmosphere dense and dark. “Ambaxtoi” is a class of twisting tempos and cadences into only one song. It takes a lot of creativity to do it. Bottomline, in “Monolith of Time” Orthostat’s deal is to make us reflect about the time, and musicwise, tempo. “Monolith of Time” will please fans of Extreme and Doom Metal due to their very particular way of dealing with vocals.

What I liked most about “Monolith of Time” is its precise and sharp guitar interventions. As a band, Orthostat seem to be very cohesive due to the natural instrumental passages. They are natural and not only to kill time to make songs longer and avoid that feeling of being always in the same song. Orthostat’s choice of vocals may lead to this impression, but the band deals with it carefully and professionally. “Monolith of Time” isn’t in any way a boring album. Pay a very carefull attention to Thiago Nogueira’s drumming. The dude is very creative and has that special sense of knowing where to fill out the musical blanks. “Incitatus” is a very good example of his expertise.

Orthostat “Monolith of Time” was digitally only released on January 04th via Sangue Frio Produções and Records.

You can purchase the album here.

Track Listing:

  1. Ambaxtoi
  2. Qetesh
  3. Eridu
  4. Incitatus
  5. Baetylus
  6. The Will of Ningirsu
  7. Tezcatlipoca
  8. Orthostat

Watch “Ambaxtoi” alive video here: