Outer Heaven – Realms of Eternal D

Outer Heaven begin “Realms of Eternal D” with a deceptive cadence in the beginning of “Vortex of Thought.” You may remember I’ve used these words a lot in my reviews. A deceptive cadence is a term used in music to explain when the chords, or riffs in the case of Metal, in a song seems to go to a direction, but suddenly change directions to somewhere else. The most famous, to me, is the intro to Metallica’s “Fight Fight with Fire” where a sweet and delicate fingered part begins to a rush go to ferocious, when Metallica were, piece of Thrash Metal masterpiece. Outer Heaven do so, but the twist is slight. If you haven’t been introduced to the band, as I haven’t, you might think they are a technical Death Metal band, but it’s just the opposite. Outer Heaven are the very best definition of raw Death Metal.

“Realms of Eternal D” shows a band that aren’t afraid of showing all the musical hate they have. Outer Heaven go through ten tracks of the purest raw Death Metal you can image. The band destroys everything around them with no mercy or pity. They are for the weak, remember? Outer Heaven are a very loyal servant of 1980’s Death Metal, when bands had no shame of musically destroy everything around. But not all tracks are fast-paced, some as “Sacrificial Evolution” are slow-paced with some crunchy riffing. By the way, to be fair with Outer Heaven, “Putrid Dwellings” is kind of technical Death Metal. Guitar and bass work are amazing. The monster sometimes has various faces.

If you want a peaceful act, I certainly don’t recommend Outer Heaven for you. “Realms of Eternal D” is an act of war album. All Outer Heaven’s guns are blazing as maniacs. An album to recommend to your dearest raw Death Metal friend.

Outer Heaven “Realms of Eternal D” will be released on October 12th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Vortex of Thought
  2. What Lies Beneath
  3. Pulsating Swarm
  4. Multicellular Savagery
  5. Echoes from Beyond
  6. Torture Winds
  7. Bloospire
  8. Sacrificial Evolution
  9. Putrid Dwellings
  10. Decaying Realms

Watch “Putrid Dwellings” official video here: