‘OZZY Never Wanted to Replace RANDY RHOADS with GARY MOORE; GARY Was OZZY’S First Choice’ Says BOB DAISLEY

Time is the master of all reason. We all know that. There are things that only time reveals to us. Former Ozzy’s bassist Bob Daisley talked to The Metal Voice about Ozzy’s first choice to be his guitarist when he left Black Sabbath and formed his solo band. Take a look:

Ozzy never wanted to replace Randy Rhoads with Gary Moore; Gary Moore was Ozzy’s first choice. When Ozzy was in Los Angeles after he got fired from Black Sabbath and he was thinking of putting a band together, his first choice was Gary Moore. Gary didn’t want to work with Ozzy because of Ozzy’s reputation with drugs and booze, being unreliable and unprofessional. Gary said ‘I will help you find a guitarist or if you find a guitarist that you want my opinion on I will help you that way.'”

“One thing I would like to add is that Gary rated Jake E. Lee very high. I think Jake E. Lee is one of the best guitarists Ozzy ever had.”