Paganizer – Beyond the Macabre Review

I remember to have said a few times here that there are many reasons to big guns to be considered big guns. I remember to have said as well that they are big guns for their quality. In Metal music this is a rule with few exceptions. My dear friend might disagree but all the bands considered big guns are of a great quality. Some fans may also have the tendency to disconsider and even forget a band they loved just because they got a little famous. I don’t disagree nor agree. Touchy matter. As I said many times here a band has to make a living. Life is tough out there. Part time jobs are no fun. Believe me.

I guess there is no doubt that Paganizer have made a name among Death Metal bands. A huge and solid name, if I may. Maybe they lost some of they diehard fans on the unpaved road to some success. It’s such a pity because the band continues to be good. So good. I guess the catchy tunes – for a Death Metal band – and the melody in some instrumentals are the reason some fans may have abandonned the band. I’d rather look the other way. Those aforementioned traits get so more meaningful with the spanking and bloodshed the band imposes in their music. The fast and ridiculously catchy guitar riffings gule so well with vocalist and guitarist Rogga Johansson yells and growlings. I like very much the vocal hooks he gives. In a way, “Beyond the Macabre” bounces between the complex and intricate with the raw and straight ahead. The mesmerizing guitar riffings have an effect with the fan. Most of the instrumentals here have a certain Black Metal texture. Though vocals are pretty Death Metal. On the other side of the coin, some tracks as “You Are What You Devour” have the mood of Melodic Death Metal which may make some fans turn the shoulders to the band. A pitty. Such a pitty. “Beyond the Macabre” is so consistent and solid. Take a look ate the grand finale “Unpeaceful End” and feel the all the pain and misery the song passes. How relentless and unpeaceful it is. The guitars show moods and overtunes that aren’t so common and they value the song a lot. It shows all the quality Paganizer have tried so hard to maintain. It’s not really easy to make a name in the Metal music world. A band has to sweat bullets and blood. Literally.

“Beyond the Macabre” shows that a band have the right to evolve without loosing its roots. Paganizer evolve and get even more heavy and consistent ans solid. Legends aren’t easy made. So I said.

Paganizer “Beyond the Macabre” will be released on June 24th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Down the Path of Decay
  2. Left Behind to Rot
  3. Meatpacker
  4. Sleepwalker
  5. Succumb to the Succubus
  6. Raving Rhymes of Rot
  7. Beyond the Macabre
  8. Menschenfresser
  9. You Are What You Devour
  10. Unpeaceful End (ft. Karl Willets of Bolt Thrower)

Watch “You Are What You Devour” official video here: