Pandemmy & Abscendent – Obliteration

I know sometimes I sound redundant and repetitive, but all the times I review an split album I have to say that they were pretty common in the good old days. Okay, enough with the repetition. All said, all said.

This split CD is from two bands that are not veterans, but are not exactly beginners. Both bands have released two full-length albums, though Pandemmy have two more singles. The bands split everything in this album as they all got five tracks and one of them, the last, is a cover, Motorhead’s by Pandemmy and Death’s by Abscendent.

So, let’s do the same, and review it equally, or so. By the way, Pandemmy have been the subject of a review and an interview here. Abscendent not yet. That put, Pandemmy have a bit of an advantage here just because I can say that the band has evolved a lot since “Rise of a New Strike.” In fact, even though “Obliteration” is a split album what leads one to think that is due to reducing cost, the production is very good and the band made some great efforts to invest in it. There are some slight differences from 2016’s album because Pandemmy have slightly changed their Old School Death Metal direction to a more Melodic Death Metal path. Abscendent, on the other hand, follow the old school path. Both acts are solid on what they do. Two acts of the most pure Death Metal carnage. In fact, the differences between them are pretty noticeable when changing from track five to track six. Even someone who doesn’t care about Death Metal may sense it perfectly. Point to the bands.

Pandemmy and Abscendent “Obliteration” was released on 2019 via Sangue Frio Produções.

Track Listing:

  1. Monstera
  2. Fear of Choosing a Side
  3. Unwitnessed
  4. Withholding
  5. Them Not Me (Motörhead Cover)
  6. Elegy
  7. Veneration of the Unspeakable
  8. Relinquishment
  9. Shrine of Inhumanity
  10. Spirit Crusher (Death Cover)

Watch “Fear of Choosing a Side” and “Shrine of Inhumanity” official videos here:

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