Paragon Impure – Sade

A drastic change of heart. From a symphonic power metal band to a black/doom Metal band. Very drastic, if I may. Even the vibe in my player changes. I’m not sure if I can use the word cruel to a music, but it’s the exact word to describe Paragon Impure with “Sade” – the marquis, you know. The word sadism comes from him as an honor to what he described in his books – please, don’t ask me where else.

There are six slow paced songs in “Sade” which makes one reminds a water torture. Paragon Impure seem to relish each single note with cruelty. “Sade” is full of fingered and slow paced guitar parts which reinforce the sense of anguish. Guitars seem to be grieving for the the tormented souls captured in the lower parts of the immaterial world. Make no mistake, Paragon Impure aren’t the ones who suffer, they are the ones who make tormented souls to suffer mercilessly. There is no pity in music, and Noctiz’s voice keeps reminds us that. By the way, the dude plays the guitar and the bass.

“Sade” is a concept album based on the Marquis de Sade whose books were about pornography, depicting sexual fantasies with an emphasis on violence, suffering, criminality, and blasfemy against Christianity. But Paragon Impure music implies a lot more. It’s the chance of heart in Black Metal I’ve been telling. The album works both ways, for the material and earthly world, and also for the immaterial and unearthly world. It’s the realm of human emotions like pain, despair – have you ever heard so desperate vocals? – grief and desolation. To Paragon Impure humankind is lost, but they’re not the ones who are going to save them; they are the ones who are going to make them pay. Big difference. Doing so, Black Metal got more humane, but the message is crystal clear: we’re get you no matter where you are!

Paragon Impure “Sade” will be released on November 02nd – the day of the dead – via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. SADE I – Introduction To The Divine Marquis
  2. SADE II – Juliette, Queen Of Vice
  3. SADE III – Mors In Excelsis Deo
  4. SADE IV – Repentance Of A Dying Libertine
  5. SADE V – Philosophy In The Bedroom
  6. SADE VI – The Final Passion, Or The Passion Of Hell

Watch “SADE II – Juliette, Queen Of Vice” official track stream here: