Plague Throat – Evolutionary Impasse

It’s necessary to consider Plague Throat “Evolutionary Impasse” in a whole. In other terms, to do a fair review, “Evolutionary Impasse” has to be considered a concept album even though there is no evidence that it is one. But title and tracks fit perfectly with the given concept evolutionay impasse. “Evolutionary Impasse” has a main theme that goes throughout the album as it may be seem by all song titles: “The Epoch Of Catastrophe I,” “The Epoch Of Catastrophe II,” “Instruments Of Antipathy,” “Primitive Defence Mechanism,” “Re-Shaping a Paralysed World,” and “Portraying A Void.” The cover art is also linked with the main theme evolutionary impasse.

Death Metal is the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world. I guess we all agree to that. Plague Throat balance straight ahead tracks as “Re-Shaping a Paralysed World” with others that are a bit slower. Also, there is a musical concept that goes throughout all tracks. It’s the guitar riffs which are fast played, sharp, and effective. It seems like they are sharp scalpels which go rapidly cutting flesh and make it bleed profusely. Plague Throat promote an efficient musical carnage. On the other hand, there are tracks like “Portraying A Void” that bounces cranching guitar riffs with an efficiente double bass technique. Vocals are also killers. They give the final touch closing the gasket.

Plague Throat “Evolutionary Impasse” is an album that will please hardcore Death Metal fans due to its competent and aggressive performance. It’s a pitty to be an EP. Plague Throat deserve more.

Plague Throat “Evolutionary Impasse” was self-released on February 20th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Epoch of Catastrophe I
  2. The Epoch of Catastrophe II
  3. Instruments of Antipathy
  4. Primitive Defense Mechanism
  5. Re-Shaping a Paralysed World
  6. Portraying a Void

Watch “The Epoch of Catastrophe II” official video here: