Postacards from New Zealand – Liminal Space Review

“Burn, Witch, Burn,” their I-don’t-know-the-number-for-sure album – the band is really fruitful -, was released in April. Now, in October, we have its following “Liminal Space” in our hands to be reviewed. First time that happens here. Well, I said in the previous review that Postacards from New Zealand were an unexpected band with unexpected sonancy. “Liminal Space” goes further with this unexpected with even more unexpected sonacies. It seems that anything can go with their music. Just about anything. Good for the reviewer that has a lot of things to say about the album. The work here is never boring.

First thing first, this album comes in a language that itwas impossible to recognize. I looked around my fellow reviewers but no one said a word about it. I guess it doesn’t matter at all. As I said before here with “Liminal Space” the band goes further with the experimentation. Now they are adding more white electronic noises to the mass and chaos they use to do. Chaos is really a good word for some tracks the fan will find here and that’s why I guess Black Metal or other extreme metallers will appreciate the album. Some tracks as “niizh manidoowag” sound more appetizing to my dear child of the night, but others as “hiranyakashipu” sound a bit gibberish to me. However, that’s the exact intent of the band. Some tracks don’t have to make sense. Or their sense is so thin that laymen as we are can’t find it. The band in “da’at” also tries another experiences regarding rhythms. A thing that “temenos” does too mixed with some noises and effects. However, here the drumming is more intense with some intense percussion. No, nothing like other bands did in the past but still calls the eye.

On one hand, I find bands like Postacards from New Zealand pretty interesting and even exciting. On the other hand, I find them too much. Too extreme, tto experimental, too out. Maybe that’s because the band here decided to use more white electronic noises, a thing that I said many times here I don’t appreciate. The secret of everything in life is balance. Well, that’s why Extreme Metal is called Extreme Metal. It’s not supposed to have any balance. “Liminal Space” doesn’t even try. Everything is a subjct of experimentation here. Good news? Maybe, maybe not.

Postacards from New Zealand “Liminal Space” will be released on October 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. taupô
  2. tiresias
  3. kitsune
  4. da’at
  5. hiranyakashipu
  6. niizh manidoowag
  7. temenos
  8. kunkunka
  9. coshi wa ng’oma
  10. incaba kancofula

Watch “tiresias” official video here: