PostNatura Debut With Self-titled Album

PostNatura is the polish post-metal, instrumental band. Their debut self-titled album has been released on 8th of December 2017. The recording is the result of four years of musicians’ work. The content of the album is varied but at the same time consistent, the songs contain a load of guitar power and dynamics, but also significant melodies and moments of vibe. The disc is promoted with album opening track “Gagarin.”
PostNatura was founded in 2013 by current band guitarist – Daniel Świderski . The first line-up included also bass player – Jacek Lasota , who shared the stage with Daniel in previous group called 13%. Soon the duo was strengthened by joining of the drummer – Piotr Sztachelski . The band’s style was influenced by post-rock, metal, folk and oriental music. From the very beginning, the instrumental music was enriched by expressive visualizations, created by VJ Bogusław Buczyński . The first performances of Postnatura met with audience’s positive reception. Right after the stage debut in spring 2014, the band gave a special concert with an original interpretation of scenes from the silent movie “Nanook of the North” by Robert Flaherty (1922). Creative work in rehearsal room resulted in making music that qualified for the first release already in 2014. The recording did not take place because the drummer left the band. PostNatura faced the challenge of finding a member stylistically suited to the music played at the time. The choice fell on Stanisław Dubowik , with whom Jacek and Daniel knew each other from previous bands. The new line-up played a concert with music depicting 9 different scenes taken from the polish black and white cinema. Fragments of these films have permanently appeared in visualizations, and the picture has been ornamented with VJ graphic improvisations and documentary films. Music harmonizes with the image, complementing each other. Postantura deliberately combines the compositions into one coherent unity both at concerts and on recordings, as evidenced by the debut album recorded in the Black Team Media
studio in October 2017.
The band has played many concerts in Poland and thanks to the universal language of instrumental music, it plans to debut abroad. The debut release is just the beginning of longer story – PostNatura already writes the next album. We’re inviting you to listen to our music.

PostNatura “PostNatura”
1. Gagarin
2. Czaple
3. Nepal
4. Frankenstein
5. Siostra
6. Dybuk
7. Stary człowiek i morze
Postnatura :
Daniel Świderski – Guitar
Jacek Lasota – Bas
Stanisław Dubowik – Drums
Bogusław Buczyński – VJ