PProject – Silicon Valley

What in hell is cyberMetal? With total intention and curiosity to discover what it was I played the album in my Winamp.

But hold your horses and don’t get so enebriated by the intro of “Silicon Valley” and the childish piano full of electronic effects – well, the name of the track is “Barbie Girl.” What did you expect? Soon the song ignites with a flashing piece of Metal with some electronic effects and white noise – I’ve always asked why white noise – that are where they must always be – the background. Next track “Fat Boys Antfarm” has the effects a bit more apparent, but the guitars are bigger and louder and vocals a bit harsher. In a very twisted way, as usual in this kind of music – I mean the twisted -, the effect pays off and melds with the song. The same goes with title track “Silicon Valley” which turns into an attractive one for the big guitars and the double bass drums. Ah, there is a guitar solo in it. For the fan’s sake of heavier things the album sometimes goes this way as in “Madness” and “Padre” whose galloping guitars and hard vocals almost give the thrills. Again, the track has a guitar solo. I have to say that the mood in “Padre” pays off. The track got me and you know that I’m not that fan of this kind of cyberthing. The best track of the album by far. The twisted combination that really works for me. I was even able to forget the dancing, and annoying, keyboards in it. Ok, then, let’s move on with the album. There is also room for some rock’n’roll boogie woogie interwoven with the effects and a deep voice. Interesting. And there goes all the album mixing and melding electronic effects and all those white noises with big guitars and sometimes harsh vocals.

In a sense, PProject sound a lot as a combination of Prodigy with System of a Down. Truely I was expecting something bolder. Don’t ask me how bolder. It’s not my job here – hahahahahahaha. That’s the band’s, if you ask me. I’m the one to be surprised.

PProject  “Silicon Valley” was independently released on January 26th.

Track Listing:

  1. Barbie Girl
  2. Fat Boys Antfarm
  3. Silicon Valley
  4. Machines
  5. Survive in G.P.
  6. Padre
  7. Ignore
  8. Fight
  9. Biogenetical Genocide
  10. Welcome to Future