PRIORY OF SION Tell The Story Of The ‘Priory of Sion’

Hot on the heels of his third solo album ‘…of Wars Across Andromeda,’ Ironside had been writing what would be his biggest, boldest work to date, Priory of Sion.

Priory of Sion began as a solo endeavour in mid 2019. Adam Ironside had just released his third solo album and it was clear his music was starting to head in a different direction. It was becoming bigger, more cinematic, more detailed and less guitar solo driven. It was much more adaptable to a live environment.

In July 2020 the band released their first single, Quarantine, which features guest guitar work from UK talents Sophie Burrell and Kieran Johnston. This really ramped up the anticipation for the full album.

On the run up to the release of the album, Adam started getting messages from fans asking when they were going to get to see Priory live in their town. What started as a solo project quickly snowballed. A band of fantastic musicians (whom Adam had worked with before) were quickly recruited and the band were gearing up to take the Priory show on the road. Unfortunately, the great COVID19 pandemic of 2020 soon halted any progress and the band were forced into isolation.

As the world begins to open up, Priory of Sion are back in the rehearsal room and taking bookings for 2021. Oh, they’re also scripting the follow up album…

Band Line-Up:
Adam Ironside – Guitars
Adam Ashbridge – Guitars
Steven Grant – Keyboards
Joe Reid – Drums
Josh Fascia – Bass
Sophie Burrell – Guest guitar solo on ‘Quarantine’
Kieran Johnston – Guest guitar solo on ‘Quarantine’

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