Pyre of Descent – Peaks of Eternal Light

Sometimes bands surprise you not because of a different proposal or intent, but simply due to a simple, but exciting riffing. First, and opening track, track “Fyre” catches the fan like an amazing embrace. The song is catchy and vibrating. The fan may strange the total absence of heavier guitars, but the songs works so fine that it is possible to totally forget that. It opens up with a delicate clean strumming with an inspired guitar solo with so few distortion. Then comes the chordal riff that speeds up a little but still using the strumming and the catchy guitar phrases. Vocals are somber and at the same vigorous contrasting with the powerfull riff. The guitar solos at the middle of the song reminds a lot the mighty Demon. A wonderful reference. “Fyre” is an unforgetable song. It’s right there in  my list of masterpieces.

Pyre of Descent play a mix of the so-called gothic rock with Classic Metal, a combination that really atracts me. I find the contrast of voice and instrumental charming and atractive – hum, can a song be charming? Sure, it can. It sparkles the attention that “Peaks of Eternal Light” isn’t a monolithic effort. Second track “Eyes of the Blind” dresses up a doomy mood with a delicate and vibranting guitar solo doing the honors. Then, suddenly, it speeds up and acquires afast tempo cadence maintaining almost clean guitar riffs. There is a mesmerizing effect that hypnotizes the fan. The track has such effect. By the way, Demon’s guitar mood is here again to embellish it. From then on, “Peaks of Eternal Light” acquires a more doomy mood than gothic por Classic Metal, but the good feeling remains the same. Third track “†” – yeah, that’s right. It’s the name of the song -, is slower and not completely doomy because it sounds a little gothic. The same happens to fourth, and last, track “To See into the Dark VI Wheel,” which sounds as a continuation of the previius one.

Ok, here is an album to satisfy fans of gothic and Doom Metal and the fan that is open to some good melodies. Ah, did I say that first tracks “Fyre” is amazing? I did? Ok then, but never is enough to remember.

Pyre of Descent “Peaks of Eternal Light” will be released on February 24th via Terror From Hell Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Fyre
  2. Eyes of the Blind
  3. To See into the Dark VI Wheel

Watch “†” official music video here: